Why I chose to be vegan

Hello friends! Thanks for checking out my site. I know there’s not much content (yet), but I have so many ideas to share with you all in 2018!

To be completely honest, I’ve been avoiding writing this first post. It’s one of those things that seems daunting until you do it. I had a lot of excuses, too. But here I am, laying in bed while my 14 month old daughter nurses & naps, typing away on my phone.

I figured I’d start with why I decided to be vegan (& raise my daughter vegan, too). I have been vegetarian off & on for the past 7+ years, sliding back into carnivore land when I’d taste bacon & literally eat only bacon for lunch or dinner. But I’d inevitably watch a food documentary on Netflix & reignite my passion for animals & the planet.

I never in a million years thought I’d be full on vegan. My favorite food has always been cheese & milk. Then I watched “What the Health” & was startled by the negative effects of dairy on our health. So I challenged myself to give up dairy, just to see how I felt. And I noticed a profound change in my body. This summer, we gave our daughter a tiny bit of whipped cream, and she had a bad reaction to it. Same with eggs — it just didn’t seem to agree with her system. I still ate eggs & honey, but thought, I’m so close to being vegan… why not just dive in & really experience it?

My vegan journey has not been an overnight revelation. It’s been tiny moments of deciding to eliminate animal & dairy products from my life. It’s been back sliding into old habits & then choosing to return to this lifestyle. I’ve gained a lot of awareness of my body & how the foods we fuel ourselves with can affect our mind & physical health. I’ve learned a lot about animal agricultural practices. I’ve realized that choosing a vegan lifestyle is one of the easiest & most effective ways to combat global warming.

I want to be the change I wish to see In the world. I want my daughter to grow up & know how to take care of herself & this beautiful, fragile planet we inhabit. I want to make a difference & leave this Earth a more beautiful & peaceful place to live. Our actions make a difference.

Thank you for reading! Wishing you a joyous holiday & stay tuned for more blogs, videos, recipes & more!


Siri ~ The Vegan Steven