About Me

We all have to eat.  Every day, we make hundreds of choices of what we put into our mouths, into our bodies, and those choices make a huge impact on our lives.  Are we eating food out of convenience, habit, or hunger?  Are we eating to thrive or get by? Are we fueling up with nutrition or empty calories that leave us dissatisfied?

I’m fascinated with the way in which we feed our bodies, our minds & spirit.  The way in which these choices not only impact our health, but the life of the animals and the very planet we inhabit.  We have in our hands the power to change our health & the health of the Earth.

Meet The Vegan Steven

My name is Siri Steven, long time vegetarian officially turned vegan.  I live in small town Iowa (which happens to be the largest pork producer in the country) with my *almost* vegan husband, and our one and a half year old daughter, who we are raising vegan.  We love cooking, growing our own food, going for hikes & making music!

I’m a contributing writer for raisevegan.com and Raise Vegan magazine, the #1 pregnancy and parenting resource for vegan families!